At AR Lake Plumbing and Gas Service we use the most advance and precise measures to ensure we provide the very best water saving strategies available. One of our experienced and qualified plumbers come to you to test all of your fixtures, inside and out. We then provide you with a report, detailing your options and their costs to ensure you have the knowledge to be able to make the most appropriate choice for your home or office.

The water audit provides:

  1. an analysis of historical water use;
  2. an on-site survey and assessment of water-using hardware, fixtures, equipment, landscaping, and management practices to determine the efficiency of water use;
  3. an inspection for any leaks;
  4. a range of practical and cost effective measures for reducing consumption;
  5. annual financial savings, payback periods and return on investment for the various water saving initiatives suggested; and
  6. further recommendations stemming from the audit.

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