Burst Pipes are classed as water related plumbing emergencies. Split water pipes require fast and effective repair to prevent water from causing structural and electrical damage in homes and offices. Although the only way to repair a burst pipe is to have a plumber repair or replace the section of piping, there are ways to control the leak in the mean time to ensure no further damage occurs;


1. Switch off water supply to the leaking pipe and fitting. If you don’t know its location turn off the water supply to the property.

2. Turn on cold taps to drain the system.

3. Turn off water heating systems.

4. Turn on hot water taps to drain the system.

5. A leaking pipe in close proximity to electrical appliances is dangerous. If this is the case, switch off the mains power.

6. If possible, try looking for the hole from which water is escaping. Seal the hole with gapless tape or as best as possible. Apply pressure with a piece of rubber secured to the gapless tape.

7. Call AR Lake Plumbing and Gas Service and explain the situation. Book in the next available appointment time to ensure the issues is resolved in an effective amount of time.