Hot Water Installation

Hot water systems are an integral part to any functioning home. We rarely give it a thought until problems occur, and it’s in this instance when we all realise just how dependent we really are on these systems.

With regular maintenance and servicing these units can work for many years without any real problems. To provide the optimal performance and improve the longevity of your unit, we recommend having them checked annually and replaced every ten years.

Proficient Servicing

There are many types of water heating systems available, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Whether you’re currently on a natural gas, LPG, electric, heat pump or solar powered hot water system in Brisbane Northside, our professionals can provide a full range of services for each and every type.

Our gas fitters have sound knowledge and experience in almost every kind of unit and brand available on the market. Our team is fully qualified and experienced to carry out all servicing, repairs and installations of hot water systems. At AR Lake Plumbing, we understand that issues can occur without any notice. We provide emergency callout services to ensure your plumbing and heating needs are fixed in the most efficient way possible.

Repairs, Maintenance and Installations

For repairs of any type of hot water systems in Brisbane Northside, you can rely on the skills and expertise of our trained professionals. We guarantee quality installations, repairs and maintenance with little to no fuss, and are renowned for providing clients with amazing and affordable rates for all services.

For more information or to request our services, please call us today on 0408 294 801!



  • Gas Storage Hot Water System

    Gas Storage Hot Water System

  • Evacuated Tube Solar Gas Boosted

    Evacuated Tube Solar Gas Boosted