A very popular problem many home owners encounter is low water pressure. This can be a very annoying problem as well as a problem that causes your bills to skyrocket. The annoying aspect leans on the fact that when washing your hair in the shower it can take you more than twice as long to get the shampoo out of your hair. You may also have difficulties washing dishes as not only will they come out of the dishwasher with gunk and food particles stuck to them but when washing them by hand, you’ll have a hard time due to the inadequate water flow. The expense comes with having to rewash, re-run the dishwasher and other appliances like the laundry machine and thus, you can expect that your electricity bill may increase.

Many people allow this problem to continue because they believe it will be both too hard and too expensive to fix. However, this is not always the case. If you’re at least a little bit handy, you might be able to get the job done yourself.

Faulty or out dated Plumbing may be the cause of low water pressure in your home. In order to fix this problem you’ll first have to check that your pipes are the right size. If they are too wide, this may be what’s causing your problems. Rather than having to remove the entire piping system and install a new one, which can be both time consuming and costly, you can purchase a pipe reduction apparatus. Luckily, they aren’t very hard to find. Check with your local home improvement store to see if they stock them, and have one delivered to your home. Installing is also not difficulty and your pipe reduction apparatus will come with a step by step manual to help guide you through the process.

If you aren’t comfortable taking on this task yourself, contact your local Brisbane plumber and have them come in and get your water pressure where it ought to be in no time.

Another reason your water pressure may be low is because of a blockage in your pipes. This is typically the result of chemical buildup. The water that you are using in your home more than likely contains calcium and other minerals and throughout the years, it’s only normal that buildup would occur. As a result, what will happen to your pipes is that the area in which the water has to pass through becomes smaller. Removing the buildup is rather easy. There are many chemical products on the market that will assist in breaking down these minerals and flushing them out, allowing your water to pass through more freely.

If the water pressure everywhere in your home, with exception of your shower seems fine, the problem may lie in your shower head itself. Check the manual to see if there is a way to remove the flow regulator in order to increase the water flow. If this is not an option for your particular shower head and you are adamant to increase your water flow and enjoy a powerful shower, consider purchasing a new shower head. Be sure to speak with a representative in the store to see the features the shower head comes with and if it will, indeed, get the job done and increase your water pressure.

However, if you really are looking for a quick fix by professionals who won’t charge you an arm and a leg, consult AR Lake Plumber Brisbane. They’ll analyze the problem and have your water situation fixed affordable, and time efficiently.