CCTV or Video Drain Camera Inspections


Are your drains continuously clogged? Stop struggling and start having clean drains that can be used as advertised. Stop spending and start saving by getting your drains properly and thoroughly cleaned. A

CCTV or video drain camera inspection is designed specifically to find all the debris in your drainage; it helps detect the cause of the problem so it can quickly be fixed. With the help of this highly advanced

gadget, your drains will never have to be clogged again. By actually looking at the cause of the issue, instead of simply removing it, you will be able to avoid causing the issue again. Your neighbourhood

plumber finds the problem and solves it. No need to worry about calling the plumber every month a single inspection with a CCTV or video drain camera will solve the problem.


What is a CCTV or video drain camera?


CCTV or a video drain camera is a high tech camera that is used to find the main cause of the blockage in your drains. The CCTV or video camera is inserted into the pipes; it helps the technician detect the cause

of the blockage so that the plumber can remove it to eliminate the problem once and for all.


Why to use a CCTV camera

Cost effective

Why pay more when you can simply pay less! Using the CCTV or video drain camera will help eliminate the continuous need of hiring a plumber. The camera detects the major problem and allows the

plumber to solve the ongoing problem for good. It also allows the plumber to solve the problem right away, without having to try different approaches beforehand.


Less Time Consuming

Stop trying to search for the problem manually and utilize this excellent technology. It saves time and it is more efficient. Without the use of a CCTV camera, finding the problem may require disassembling

multiple parts of the drainage system in order to locate the problem and its nature.

Tips for using a CCTV or Video Camera

• Never try to use this highly sensitive equipment on your own. Get professional help.

• Choose a company that is known for excellent plumbing service.

• Select a company that has years of experience in the field of plumbing.

• Always use a company that is professional.


How to prevent clogged drains

• Never dispose cooking grease in the sink. Store it in an old container.

• Empty coffee grounds in the garbage instead of emptying it into the sink.

• Ensure that you use a screen to avoid soap scum and hair getting into the drains.

• Run hot water through the sink after each use.

• Clean the tubs regularly to avoid the sink from getting clogged.


In the hands of a trained and talented plumber, a CCTV camera becomes one of the most effective tools available for modern day plumbers. It helps solve time and cost issues that previously existed, due to

labor extensive approaches that were necessary to find the problem. At AR Lake Plumbing services you are guaranteed to receive service from professionals that are experienced with this technology and

capable of utilizing it effectively.


By calling AR Lake and Plumbing, you can expect great service that fully caters to your needs. Upon explaining the problem to one of the friendly representatives, an appointment can be scheduled and

the first step towards solving the problem made. With the help of a CCTV camera, an AR Lake Plumbing professional will take care of the problem once and for all, to restore the functionality of your drainage