CCTV Drain Camera Inspections

CCTV Drain Video Camera Inspections – Brisbane areas

Many drain clogging problem are found deep into pipelines which are difficult to be picked up by the human eyes. If its difficult to detect it with relying on usual drain diagnosis, our Plumbers can organise a CCTV or Video Drain Camera down the pipe to visually inspect the blockage, so we can diagnose the problem with precision.  The common causes of clogging are due to tree roots or green waste, that breaks through sewer lines going through the property, below the street.  Our CCTV or Video Drain Camera is latest in technology, which allows us to identify the drain problem, and provide a quick solution to unclog the sewer line within minutes. Our CCTV /Video inspection technology is second to none, giving AR Lake Plumbing an edge over other Plumbers in Brisbane, due to our many years of expertise in performing video camera inspection of drain pipes, provide the right solution of repairs, and finally test the cleared up pipes to ensure smooth flow.

A Drain Camera takes the guess work out of blocked drains. Upon clearing a stubborn line with a high pressure Water Jet Cleaner, a Drain Camera can be used to locate the source of the problem. This ensures we are given exact information to determine the most cost effective solution. With this drain camera image we can determine whether drain maintenance is the appropriate follow up or possibly excavation and replacement is required.

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